Sponsored By Ursa Information Systems Incorporated

About Ursa Information Systems.

Ursa Information Systems is the first OpenERP Gold Partner in the US or Canada.  One of our focus markets is New Tech manufacturing companies.  We work with entrepreneurs to build manufacturing control systems and give you the tools to grow your business successfully.

We are proud to use Operations Research (OR) and other management tools to help you optimize your system.  We partner with Top Quartile Performance Institute to help you manage change and drive for organizational excellence.

Ursa has high standards – for ourselves and our clients. We don’t work with just anyone. We want win-win relationships that are long term. If you are looking for more participants in a race to the bottom on pricing – we are not the company for you.

An ERP system has the potential to rocket your business into new areas of success, as well the risk of hobbling your business, reducing your operational flexibility and even reducing your profitability.  Like a surgeon facing a complex operation, we won’t go ahead unless you agree to be an equal partner in the process. We want you to take your work with us as seriously as we do.  Be prepared to put as much into your projects as we do, and to treat this as one of the most important business decisions you will make.

Contact us at

Contact us at contact@ursainfosystems.com



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